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Basal cell carcinoma: variation in invasion depth by subtype, sex, and anatomic site in 4,565 cases

The depth of invasion by basal cell carcinoma (BCC) subtypes varies.

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Onychoscopy: an observational study in 237 patients from the Kashmir Valley of North India

Nail disorders comprise approximately10% of all dermatological conditions. Because diagnosis is not always possible by clinical means alone, additional diagnostic procedures may be required at times. Dermoscopy of nails (onychoscopy) has shown promising results in diagnosing various nail disorders and also avoids time-consuming investigations such as culture and biopsy.

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Current Issue

2019 Vol 9, No 1 | January


No One Should Die of Melanoma: Time for This Vision to Be Realized?

Teresa Russo, Aimilios Lallas, Gabriella Brancaccio, Vincenzo Piccolo, Roberto Alfano, Giuseppe Argenziano

Page 1-3


Familial Melanoma: Diagnostic and Management Implications

Mariarita Rossi, Cristina Pellegrini, Ludovica Cardelli, Valeria Ciciarelli, Lucia Di Nardo, Maria Concetta Fargnoli

Page 10-16

Use of Nail Dermoscopy in the Management of Melanonychia

Michela Starace, Aurora Alessandrini, Nicolò Brandi, Bianca Maria Piraccini

Page 38-43



Dermoscopy of a Tattoo Pseudolymphoma

Mateja Kendel, Ruzica Jurakic Toncic, Mirna Bradamante, Ivana Ilic, Davorin Loncaric, Jaka Rados, Daniela Ledic Drvar

Page 17-19

Mucoscopy of a venous lake

Abhijeet Kumar Jha, Juhi Pathak

Page 20-21

Dermoscopy of Subungual Wart

Sweta Subhadarshani, Jayati Sarangi, Kaushal K. Verma

Page 22-23

Dermoscopic and histopathological findings in osteoma cutis involving the face and scalp

Marina Romero Navarrete, Maria-Elisa Vega Memije, Roberto Arenas Guzman, Aureliano Castillo Solana, Gloria-Eugenia Reyes López, Julieta Ruiz Esmenjaud

Page 24-27

Epidermal Cyst on the Face of a Child, Clinically and Dermoscopically Mimicking Pilomatricoma

Jelena Krtanjek, Ivana Ilic, Mateja Kendel, Ruzica Jurakic Toncic

Page 36-37

Dermoscopic Features of Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Chronica Helicis: A Case Series

Daniel Morgado-Carasco, Xavier Fustà-Novell, Sebastian Podlipnik, Lara Ferrandiz

Page 52-53

Nodular Cystic Variant of Basal Cell Carcinoma: Perfect Correlation Between Histopathology and Confocal Microscopy

Cristina Vico-Alonso, Uxúa Floristán-Muruzábal, Reyes Gamo-Villegas

Page 67-68

Papillomatous Erythematous Plaques of the Scrotum

Ambra Di Altobrando, Carlotta Gurioli, Antionietta D'Antuono, Valeria Gaspari

Page 73-74

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